Congratulations to Tyo Lab Members presenting their work at 2017 AIChE National Conference

Namita Bhan: Methods for Development and Characterization of DNA Polymerase Based Bio-Recorders

Will Bothfeld: Non-Growth Metabolism in Synthetic Auxotrophic Knockouts of Escherichia coli for Chemical Production

Bradley Biggs: Engineering a DNA Polymerase to Become a Calcium-Sensitive Biosensor/Recording Device

Shu Huang: Engineering of ADP1 for Production of Vanillin from Lignin

Tyler Lazar: Removal of Ribosome Stalling Motifs to Improve Oxygenation of Key Intermediate in the Taxol Pathway

Stephen Lillington: Understanding Preferential Consumption of Aromatic Compounds in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1