There is a new doctor in the house! Congratulations Dr. James Jeffryes!

James successfully defended his thesis entitled “Enumerating the Potential Metabolome through Simulation of Enzyme-catalyzed and Spontaneous Reactions.”

James has done a fantastic job championing open-source projects and good coding practices in the lab.  (not to mention insightful tools that are already recognized as best-in-class for searching the unknown metabolome).

Group celebrates lab set up

With all major equipment set up and cell cultures growing (with mixed result), we celebrated our victory at Tapas Barcelona.  It was a fun night of bacon-wrapped dates, goat cheese dips, and sangria.

Matt's half way in the picture like how he's half way in the lab.

Special thanks to the Jewett, Leonard, Miller, Notestein, Amaral, and Broadbelt groups for helping us set up the lab.  They’ve provided advice, assembly tools, and random small items we forget to order!